FRNĆH ATELIER is a defining new wave of modern and sustainable fashion reaching a couture-like level at an affordable price.

For so long we’ve been asked to source/create a more formal/ evening wear line that will accommodate all sizes without breaking the bank & that’s exactly what we‘ce accomplished with Frnch Atelier.

These voluminous gowns & caged crinolines made with quality craftsmanship, luxurious materials & gorgeous embellishments are an ode to the infinite power of femininity 🤍

This is a passion project to house all the latest trending pieces of couture made easy to shop for our FRNĆH’ies.

Please note as every single piece is custom made items may take upto a month to complete production. In some instances our supplier has stock available on hand so they can ship it to us within a week.

We regret a no Returns/Refunds/Exchanges policy is applicable on Frnch Atelier items.

Sizing follows US sizing (Size 2 - 16 ) / Unfortunately we no longer provide custom sizing 

Disclaimer on Atelier : FRNĆH Atelier is a defining new wave of modern and sustainable fashion reaching a couture-like level at an affordable price. We are sourcing international haute couture trends at a fraction of the price without compromising quality & craftsmanship. Kindly note all actual designs of the dresses are represented on a mannequin which are the real images of the garment.

Please refer the mannequin images for the most correct representation of the Atelier outfit . Please do not use the INSPO / trending images posted but rather the mannequin image for best representation . The INSPO images are solely for the purpose of how the outfit can be styled , worn or sent to us so we may commission the clients request . 


DISCLAIMER on delicate items: Kindly note this items that are delicate - The garment is inspected thoroughly before being sent out to make sure it is in perfect condition. From time to time pearls, beads, sequins and other similar items may get displaced. Please note that this is not regarded as a fault but is due to the nature of the delicate work on the garment. These garments should be worn / handled with care. Unfortunately we will not be able refund , replace or exchange the item if it is damaged from wear & tear.


No Guarantee for Beads/ Sequences Work/ Embroidery/ Feathers – Hand Work and Stitching

We believe that customers who are ordering items with stones and other beaded embroidery are aware of the fact that these shiny embellishments have a tendency to come off. Beads/ Sequence Work or any type of embroidery have a tendency of coming off while handling the product, wearing the product or while using it. We check the product thoroughly before shipping, but there are chances that some embroidery may come off during shipping & transit. It also happens that when you open your parcel once received and find some embroidery pieces falling down on the floor, or when you wear the dress and, in few hours, you might lose some of them. This is normal with these kinds of products and hence they cannot be replaced and will carry no Guarantee on them.


DISCLAIMER on feathers

Prior to wearing:
We will always attempt to reduce and minimize the amount of feather “shedding” you experience, however, it’s always good practice to take the item outside and firmly but gently shake it out to remove loose feathers prior to wearing.

Kindly note as feathers are fragile & will incur light shedding in transit + wear & tear due to its nature , we unfortunately cannot except returns/refunds based on this.